Valut for contract

Is it possible to create/link a valut path for a contract to receive a fun token?
ie<-Duck.createEmptyVault(), to: Duck.VaultStoragePath);

If anyone wanted to do this I created a Resource and assigned a vault to that in a way it’s connected to a user

 pub resource Pool: PoolManager  {
      pub var amount: UFix64;
      pub var vault: @FungibleToken.Vault;

      init(amount: UFix64, from:  @FungibleToken.Vault) {
        let vaultRef  <- from as! @Duck.Vault
        self.vault <- vaultRef.withdraw(amount: amount);
        self.amount = amount;
        destroy vaultRef;

      destroy() {
        destroy self.vault;

Great job! Appreciate you sharing the knowledge on the forum for other developers looking to do the same thing :raised_hands:

Thanks! Really enjoying building in flow. Converting all my Solidity contracts into Cadence!!

you could use:<&{FungibleToken.Receiver}>(
            target: Duck.VaultStoragePath