Virtual Collaborative Art Studio

I’m a game developer and musician, currently working on my masters degree final project, and I wanna explore how I can use NFTS in music production and in the creative process behind it. I was thinking of building a virtual creative space where I could have NFTS showcased and actually make music, select NFT samples for example, and even collaborate online, like a virtual studio. This can extend to other areas than music. This studio could take any form you want, be resizable, and basically be a space where regardless of your actual surroundings you can feel creative and inspired. You would be able to have your NFTS displayed and used in your own creative work. For example you would get NFT sound samples and use them to make music in this environment. This could also work in VR. I wanted to know how I could integrate Flow in such an environment, and if this is pratical since there are diverse mechanisms that would need to be implemented, since I think I would basically need to create a DAW(Digital Audio Workspace) for the purpose of music production alone, and every other purpose like digital painting, 3D modelling, etc. will need their own creative tools.