Wallet for FLOW in US?

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I was wondering if there is a way to store tokens in the US? I live in Germany and can purchase them on Kraken EU version. I was going to send some to a friend in the states. Where could he store them for this to occur?

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Hi @Erick.white173 you can use the Blocto wallet for US residents. It’s very easy to set on up. Let me know if that solved it :slight_smile:

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You can also go to https://port.onflow.org/ and sign up using a Ledger wallet. Once you connect your ledger your wallet will be available.

There you can sign up and login with your ledger device once you install the Flow app on it, I use the ledger nano S and it works ok but there was an issue getting it synced.

The process is pretty easy but there is a little nuance, if you have ledger live open you want to make sure your not on the apps tab in ledger live otherwise when you open the flow app on the device it will open then close after a few seconds and if you go to ledger live you’ll notice you’re disconnected and you wont be able to connect, I find it better to be on the accounts tab in ledger live so you don’t have this issue. If you use a brave browser you also want to ensure brave://flags/#new-usb-backend is disabled the first option as that can cause connection issues also. Other than that I find the ledger to work well with Flow.

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