What is Flow?

I went to buy a Ledger Nano and felt like I was being tricked into buying it from a 3rd party which is a major “No No” according to Ledger.

The website had the Ledger name but the word “shop” before it with a dot in between, and I actually got there from what looked like a Ledger website, but upon checking out I noticed I was some how possibly buying it from “Flow” or with the help of “Flow” what the heck is “Flow” and is “Flow” actually part of Ledger or securely affiliated? If not, I want my order cancelled and my money back.

I think I will call my bank right now and have the order cancelled.

Flow is a blockchain…
Where did you see the link?
I agree you should make sure you purchased your ledger from them.
We don’t in anyway sell ledger devices (you can use a ledger with the Flow blockchain though…)
So I dunno, can never do enough research, it’s good you are being careful.

If you are curious about Flow you can learn more at onflow.org we think its pretty cool. nbatopshot.com is built on it.