Withdrawal from exchanges suspended for long time


I’ve purchased FLOW a while ago on OKex. Recently I tried to withdraw the coins to my ledger wallet, but I’ve noticed it has been suspended for 2 months. They say it is because of a pending upgrade. The customer service response pointed to this FAQ:

It has been 2 months.

Please note it is the same for Huobi.

Could the flow team clarify what is going on? I cannot see upgrade information anywhere.

Also, I’d love to have FLOW available on Binance.

Flow performs upgrades to the network (sporks) once a month. When we upgrade, anyone who is accessing the network also has to do a simple upgrade to their application to use the latest Flow version, or their application will not work properly. From the Flow teams perspective, the upgrades have gone smoothly and the network has been fine for the past two months, so it must be that OKex and Huobi have not performed the required upgrade in order to get their applications to use the latest version of Flow. I would reach out to them to ask about the status of this for them. The Flow team has also contacted them and they have assured us they are working on it so there is nothing else the Flow team can do unfortunately.

Thanks for the response. That’s reassuring.
The problem here is that FLOW has very limited availability. Are there plans for DEX?
Without them doing the upgrade, which has been quite long in my view, I’m not sure how users can make use of their coins.