Blocto FCL Wallet - Request for Feedback

Hello Flow builders!

As a lot of you may know, portto/Blocto has been working on building a FCL wallet that provides great user experience. It’s currently available on Flow testnet and the mainnet version will be available soon.

We would like to know what are your thoughts, feedbacks or recommendations of how we can provide a wallet service you would want to use in your dApp.

For example:

  1. Provide integrated payment solution so users can easily buy NFT/FT in my dApp with credit cards or other crypto like ETH/TRON/…
  2. Provide information about how Blocto account system works
  3. Provide documentation about how to integrate Blocto wallet service into my dApp
    … etc

Any feedback is very much appreciated! Thanks!


Hi Hsuan,

How are the private keys stored on your side ?


We provide two ways of key management:

  1. When users just signed up, the key is stored in our custodial service. This is for providing a easy on boarding experience to the users and avoid bombarding them with complexity. The keys stored in our services are managed by HSMs to provide superior security.
  2. Users have the option to upgrade to non-custodial mode by generating a new key on their mobile device and replace the ownership of the account. By then the keys stored in our custodial service will be voided and won’t be able to access the account anymore.

We adopt this mixed custodial model for all the chains we support, including Flow, Ethereum, Tron and some others. On most chains the wallet is smart contract based. On Flow, since the native account system on chain is more advanced already allows adding/removing keys, it makes our mixed custodial model work even better.

Thanks for asking, we will launch our Blocto developer website soon and this will certainly be explained on the site.


Thanks for fcl-demo. It got me started on how to do a frontend app for flow.

Our team is making an auction and right now we only have «playmoney» that is FT to use for currency. I am not sure how the flow team plan to roll out a token.

Our need is pretty simple.

  1. When you bid for an item the user has to withdraw cash (like from a credit card). Or use a surpulus from the wallet if he has any
  2. if that user is outbid that cash will be paid back.
  3. an artist and the marketplace they need a wallet where money is deposited to when things are sold.

Ps! I am pretty new to blockchain so I am not very into how this is done on etherum/other chains

When you sign a transaction right now the transaction is shown on the webpage. For a user that is not tech savy that makes no sense. Is there an option to turn this off and show it on demand?

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Thanks for your feedback.

As a matter of fact, we will hide it by default and user has the option to toggle it open and check the script if they’re interested. The change will come very soon!


We just published our tech docs and the details about our key management service is shown here

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