Can't Create Account on Flow Port (Ledger Nano X)

Good Afternoon!

I’m new to Flow Port and experiencing some issues creating an account. I have my Ledger Nano X, fully updated, with a fully updated FLOW app installed. I’ve tried Chrome, Edge, FireFox and I get as a far as “Please wait a few moments. The account creation request is being processed.” where it then abruptly closes the pop-up, and does not prompt me for any additional steps, or continue the process. It then returns me to the sign in/sign up page.

I’ve done the troubleshooting steps that pop up, like unplugging, restarting, disabling the USB flag etc.

Looking for any assistance!
Thank you!

Hi Nyhilest,

Please feel free to try to create an account again on Flow Port using your Ledger device.

I believe things will work smoothly now, but please follow up here if you continue to experience issues creating an account.