Consensus Node Secrets Database Encryption Requirement for mainnet17

Hello Consensus node operators,

In Mainnet17, consensus nodes will be required to encrypt their secrets database. Operators will be required to generate a secrets database encryption key if they have not already done so. If the key does not exist the node will fail to start, unless the node operator explicitly disables encryption using the (--insecure-secrets-db) flag.

This change will go into effect:

MainNet: April, 2022

Who/What This Impacts

Consensus node operators that have not yet setup a secrets database encryption key.

Action Required

  1. Enable encryption for the secrets database.

Please follow this guide to generate an encryption key and enable encryption for the secrets database.

If you have any questions regarding this, please reach out for assistance on the Flow Discord.

  1. If the encryption key is not generated in time prepare to add a new flag denoting insecure secrets database usage (--insecure-secrets-db)

Thank you