Developing mobile apps with JS SDK or FCL

Does the JS SDK or FCL work with React Native apps? I would like to develop mobile apps instead of web apps. If not, any estimate on when will that be supported?


Hey hey :wave: welcome.

The JS-SDK doesn’t currently support react native.
We will support it eventually, there is an issue that will officially solve this: Send JSON-RPC rework · Issue #321 · onflow/flow-js-sdk · GitHub but it is currently blocked by some work that needs to be done on the access nodes (not currently the highest priority)

One of the reasons this isn’t a higher priority is because of the high likely-hood of an app rejection form app stores. Crypto payments and all that fun stuff are usually disliked by certain companies you will need approval from. FCL does work in mobile safari on iOS and every android browser i have checked (not that many).

I see. Thanks for the explanation.