Error when trying to run quickstart

Additionally I’m having issues with the quick start authenticating

in the UI:

Object.fromEntries is not a function

In the console:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'sessionId' of null
    at Object.authenticate [as click] (flow-

which maps to:

And the error coming back from dev-wallet GraphQL server is

         "message":"Object.fromEntries is not a function",

Are you use any login/password? :thinking:

The quick start labels the button as “Sign in / up” which I interpreted as meaning the auth / wallet form is for both creating an account (if it’s not a recognized email) or logging in (if it is).

If that’s not the case and indeed there is a pre set email/password to use with the FCL dev wallet I did not find it in any of the docs.

@lukehamilton this looks like a node version issue at first glance? What version of node are you using with the dev-wallet?

In your console you should be able to run something like this:

$ node -v

I’m using the following.

❯ quickstart (master) ✘ node -v

Is there a node version requirement?

When I switch to node 12 it works


What version of node are you all using for development? So I can use the same one with these libraries.

I am also following the readme of but wasn’t sure how to set username/password so I can run script but cannot run any transactions.