Execution and Verification Node ACTION REQUIRED: coordinated upgrade to v0.25.14-cadence-v0.23.3-patch4

Hello Flow Execution and Verification Node Operators,

We discovered a critical security issue affecting Execution and Verification nodes.
We built new docker images to upgrade them to the latest Cadence release [v0.23.3-patch4] which fixes the issue:

Execution and Verification, tag: v0.25.14-cadence-v0.23.3-patch4
Images without Netgo library, tag: v0.25.14-cadence-v0.23.3-patch4-without_netgo

If you are running an Execution or a Verification node, please do the following:

  1. Stop the node
  2. Upgrade the node to docker image: v0.25.14-cadence-v0.23.3-patch4
  3. Start the node.

This is a co-ordinated restart and we would like to restart ALL the node precisely at 11pm UTC. Please wait till then before you do the restart.
No action is needed for any other node type.

Thank you,
Flow Team