Fiat payments & user session handling

Hi all,

We are building a marketplace for Twitch Streamer NFTs - After long research we chose to build it on Flow blockchain because it’s hands-down the best chain to launch on NFT projects right now. The only downside is that since it’s new chain, we still need to develop a lot of stuff ourselves. I wanted to double check if anybody have solutions on below topics? Or maybe someone started working on them already?

  1. Native payment handling system. Now for any NFT platform it is tricky to collect money for NFT purchases. Flow network lacks crypto USD alternative and there is no easy way to convert a FIAT USD into some blockchain currency. I know that Dapper Wallet will probably be available for public use at some point, but does anyone have any ETA for it? Or are there any alternatives being built?
  2. There is no good native user management. Blocto is working on a really nice wallet management solutions, but they are still in the early days of development, so a lot of good features are missing. Moreover, even after the user authenticated to their Flow Account, there is no way to authenticate yourself against any 3rd party. Imagine a user logs into his Blocto account (which controls his Flow Account), I would like to be able to send a request to some API and be able to authenticate myself as a wallet owner. It seems though that Flow Blockchain does not support this yet. Are there any solutions for this?

Thanks a lot guys, I am really happy to see so many developers working on Flow and more and more amazing tools going live. Hopefully some of the tools to cover above 2 topics will go live soon and we won’t need to maintain those things ourselves.