Flow Mainnet staking restrictions starting Dec 8th

Hello dear node operators,

Starting from next week the following staking actions will be restricted between Tuesday 9:00 AM Pacific to Wednesday 12:00 PM Pacific every week as the network transitions from one epoch to the next.

  • Staking additional tokens on a node
  • Unstaking tokens from a node
  • Delegating additional tokens to a node
  • Removing delegated tokens from a node

The reason for this is as follows:
When the staking auction phase ends during the current epoch E1, the network commits to a set of staked participants for the upcoming epoch E2 (~Tue 9AM PT). After this point, the participants (and their stake) for the upcoming epoch E2 are fixed so further stake modifications are disabled, and the network begins a series of preparation processes for the upcoming epoch E2 (~Tue 9AM PT → ~Wed 12PM PT). When the upcoming epoch E2 begins, staking is re-enabled. These staking operations will take effect in the subsequent epoch E3.
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Flow Team