Flow Spork alignment and contingency plan

Hello dear node operators,

As announced earlier, there will be the Flow mainnet spork on June 15th 2022. This spork will include Secure Cadence and will enable permissionless contract deployments on the Flow mainnet, which will allow developers to deploy contracts without any explicit approval and review from the core team. You can track detailed progress of Secure Cadence here.

While we are very excited about these changes as they mark another significant stride towards decentralization, we also want to put in a contingency plan for node operators in case we run into issues during or after the spork.

Following are the major points of the plan where we needed your cooperation:

  1. Emergency contact - I had in the past reached out and collected an emergency contact email from all of you. Please let me know if the emergency contact has changed or provide one if you had not provided one earlier. Also, please make sure someone is available round the clock to care of any emergency updates that may be needed.

  2. We would like to conduct a fire drill where we practise fixing an emergency issue with y’all. I will schedule one in the coming weeks and share more details.

  3. Finally, to reduce the overall network downtime, starting from this spork, we will be slashing 50% of the weekly rewards for all nodes (other than access nodes) that do not start within 30 mins of the announcement to start the node (~10:00 AM Pacific on June 15th).

Above all, we request you to be vigilant about the Flow nodes that you are running and take action as soon as you see an issue.

Flow has been growing phenomenally and node operators have played a major role in it, so thank you :heart: for that! I hope you will continue to extend your full support for this next major milestone that we are about to cross.

Flow Team