How to create our own Flow Wallet to store flow coins?

Hello everyone, I need to develop my own wallet in which we can store flow coins purchased from Kraken or any other exchange. Also, how do we provide security to our wallet? Please guide me on this. Any leads are welcome. Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the community @Kartik! It is great to have you here. :slight_smile:
I would recommend checking out the SDK docs in the docs site:
FCL is particularly important because all Flow wallets should utilize it.

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Hey Josh ! thanks for the answer.
I went through the flow docs and want to ask one more question, I have seen the use of Blocto for storing the flow coins but I really wanna create my own personal wallet for particularly my app or does everybody use the service of Blocto for storing their flow coins? With FCL, I’ve seen the use of account storage for storing tokens. I’m a little confused on this. Can you please elaborate a little more ? I’m a learner. I would be really thankful to you. :slight_smile:


Currently, if you want to have an account on mainnet, you need to use Blocto, ledger, or one of the other custodial exchanges. In the future, you’ll definitely be possible to just use the CLI or sdk to manage an account with your own private keys and such on your own, but that isn’t possible yet because account creation is restricted to approved accounts.