Issue with named paths


I’ve deployed a contract to both testnet and mainnet, and in it I define several named paths. When I’m on mainnet and try to access the value at the given path (for example, retrieving from DimeCollectibleV2.CollectionStoragePath), the path evaluates to something different from what is in the contract (I think it has the word “Collection” appended, or it’s missing the “V2” at the end of the path). Any idea what could be causing this? The same contract deployed on testnet is working fine, and the path is coming out as the correct value.


Hey @benshare! Adding the answer here as well for future reference, since it was also asked (and answered) on Discord: the init function of a contract is not run during a contract upgrade, so this would not have updated the paths. Currently it is not possible to re-trigger the initialization on upgrade, so the only solution is re-deployment.

Thanks for adding, re-deploying seems like the best option. Thanks!