On-chain Pedigree Verification for Animal Breeders

In the world of animal breeding, breeders run into two main issues. First, it is difficult for breeders to seek out other breeders. And secondly, there are authenticity issues with fraudulent pedigrees, which isn’t exceedingly common but a real concern.

To this extent, blockchain’s transparency incentivizes the creation of a trustless database connecting breeders. We are exploring the idea of tokenizing these pedigrees on chain (containing data such as ancestry, ownership, and competition) with additional links to the appropriate phenotypic, genotypic, medical and behavioral data. Beyond the tokenization of the pedigrees themselves, our MVP would involve developing a simple market system connecting buyers and sellers with mating contracts and sales contracts.

One member of our team is a cat breeder himself, and through connecting with breeding organizations that deal with pedigree verification and obtaining the pedigree data necessary, the flow network can serve as a safe playground for the tokenization of regulated assets and medical information for animals, and possibly humans later on.

These are simply ideas and nothing has been decided at this point, but if you are interested in Team #17, please contact Mieszko at yellow#2936 or Nelson at nel.zen#5824 on discord.