Recommended Marketplace Architecture - Fungible Token implementation?

Hi all, I’m a little stuck in building a marketplace on top of FUSD or FlowToken

The way I understood after doing the tutorials is that in order for a marketplace to be functional, it needs to have two contracts inherit from a FungibleToken AND NonFungibleToken, respectively. A user can then mint NFT’s and sell them on the Marketplace in exchange for FungibleTokens. In the Kitty-items marketplace example, I see there is an example of Kibble tokens that inherit from the FT contract. However, I was wondering if it was possible to directly use FlowTokens and/or the FUSD contract as the implementation for users to buy/sell nonfungibleTokens with. What is the best practice here, if we do not want to create our own FungibleToken implementation?

Are there office hours with the Cadence developer community? I’d love to have the chance to engage and ask questions. Thanks!

You can use the FlowToken or FUSD tokens instead of having to deploy your own. FlowToken addresses are here to import: Flow Token Contract - Flow Documentation
and you can get FlowToken on testnet using the faucet:

Docs for FUSD are here: FUSD Stablecoin on Flow - Flow Documentation

To test with FlowToken or FUSD on the emulator, it is a little bit different. You can sign transactions that mint FlowToken with the emulator service account to mint FlowTokens, but you have to deploy your own FUSD on emulator in order to test with those.

I would suggest reading VIV3 contract [0] and Evolution contract [1] if you are planning to make a marketplace.