Send Transaction with multiple args By using Flow CLI

I just want to Transfer Flow from service account (emulator network) to other account, copy the cdc file in flow-go-sdk. The question is how to use the json-cadence file which includes more than one argument? I type like flow transactions send ./transfer.cdc --args-json "[{\"type\": \"UFix64\",\"value\": 1000.0},{\"type\": \"Address\",\"value\": \"0x120e725050340cab\"}]", but it cannot work. Thanks.

@sideninja Do you think you could help with this?

Sure, I will try.

Can you please refer to docs here: Send a Transaction with the Flow CLI - Flow Documentation and then look at the cadence docs linked for passing cadence arguments: JSON-Cadence Data Interchange Format - Flow Documentation

If you share transaction arguments with me I can help you with the concrete JSON you need to pass.

send ./transfer.cdc --arg UFix64:1000.0 --arg Address:“0x…b”


send ./transfer.cdc --args-json ‘[{“type”: “UFix64”,“value”: 1000.0},{“type”: “Address”,“value”: “0x120e725050340cab”}]’