Sending Multiple & Delayed Transaction

Is it possible to sign multiple transactions in a Batch and have one delayed?

Batch Transaction Scenario:

  1. Instantly - i want to mint an NFT today
  2. Wait - Send it to another wallet in 30 days

I am not sure there is another way to initiate a transaction for a specific time in the future since the Auth Account needs to sign it.

I suspect this is not possible. There is already a similar effect in how FLOW moves to the next epoch and pays rewards. DapperLabs sends move to next epoch transaction either manually or via a cron job. On the testnet, they sometimes forget to do this. Payment of rewards is also manually trriggered.

I think you will need some other system to time when to generate and sign the send NFT to another account transaction.

Okay makes sense to use the next epoch which is probably the closest youโ€™ll get to a โ€œbatchโ€ in a sense. Thank you, Iโ€™ll look for another work around