Support model

Does flow has a support team for commercial professional services to reach out for any issues?

Can you elaborate more on your question and you needs? Thanks!

If there are any network issues due to which transction discrepancy or failure happened.Soto trouble shoot does daperlabs provide any paid dedicated professional services to support the dapp application or is it only community forum support.

Of course! We mostly have community discord and forum support, but at least for now, if you deploy to mainnet, you’ll get access to some members of the Flow team to help you out in an emergency. :slight_smile:

Thanks for response.For mainnet deployment support access to core team is it paid commercial professional services with sla and team availability.

For now, our support is not paid, so it won’t be as hands-on as a paid support setup, but we’ll still be able to jump on a couple calls with you and answer your questions when needed.