Transaction Byte Limit

I was just testing out some things with Flow but ran into something that I can’t find any documentation for. If I try to make a transaction to store something that’s 2MB I get an error saying i have exceeded the "maximum byte size allowed for a transaction (1500000) "
When I try this on the emulator I don’t get that error though. Does anybody know if this is documented anywhere?


@Moishe, when you try this on the emulator, are you signing the transaction with the service account? The service account has no limit for transaction byte size on all networks, so that might be why you are encountering this on testnet, but not on the emulator

@flowjosh Yes, I was using the service account on emulator so that explains why I didn’t see that issue on the emulator. On testnet if you have a transaction that’s bigger than 1.5MB what would you suggest doing?

Hi @Moishe!

If you hit the storage limit, consider uploading your data in parts, see FAQ: I’m running into the transaction size limit, what can I do?